Technology and Colored Contacts

One of the markets which has highly developped recently and is even exploding is the color contacts market. The main reason for this success is that these products are not only used by people who have a vision problem, but are you used as fashion object by more and more people! It is like changing the color of you hair... now you change the color of your eye so that it matches with your clothes, hair and style! Another reason for their success is that with the progress of technology their variety available has considerably increased and everyone can now find the right colored contact they need. With the progress of technology, they are becoming more and more sophisticated and therefore comfortable!

Technically some of the innovations and progress that have been made is that color contacts allow now more air to pass through and reach the eye. Therefore health and comfort issues have decreased! Another technological progress is that most contact lenses are mainly made out of water and are therefore a lot more comfortable to wear and prevents health problems such as blood clots, head aches or simply pain!
In regards to the types of products availables, technology has allowed to offer daily color contact lenses but also monthly color contacts!

Freshlook vs Acuvue

Many of you are probably hesitating between purchasing Freshlook color contacts or Acuvue color contacts. I must admit the choice is difficult as both are of top quality! The information i will give is simply to use as help, but you must now that each person and each eye is different so the better thing to do is to test them yourselves!

First of all what you need to know is that Freshlook color contacts seem to be more flashy and "wow effect" where as Acuvue have more natural effect on ones eye. Nevertheless Freshlook color contacts stay very popular and of good quality but are perhaps a bit more for eccentric people.

For those who have green eyes i highly recommend to get Sapphire blue from Acuvue as you will really look gorgeous as they look very natural on ones eye.You can see here on the left a sample of the Sapphire blue color contact from Acuvue! It is really nice and is one of my favourites!

Colored Contact

Why should you use a colored contact? Colored contact lenses allow you to change your eye color whenever you want. If you are fashion addicted you will have fun with them that is for sure! You can start with one color in the morning and finish with another in the evening!

The color contacts market has highly developped recently. What is good with color contacts is that people without any vision problems can also use them as you can use a colored contact if you want to strengthen your eye color or have a specific flashy eye color on a special occasions. If you have vision problems you can simultaneously correct your vision issue but also change your eye color!

Another advantage of a colored contact is that there are different models which are adapted to your type of use. For example, you can find daily contact lenses which i most say are the most comfortable, or monthly contact lenses. All in all, the color contacts market is becoming a major element of fashion as well as health!

Acuvue color contacts

If you are reading this post on Acuvue color contacts then you are searching information on these color contacts and you have therefore come to the right place! What you should know is that Acuvue color contacts are becoming leaders on the market with freshlook. But you may want to know what is so special with these contact lenses?

Their latest version are Acuvue 2 Coulors and can be used by different people for different purposes. First of all the Acuvue color contact lens is very comfortable since it is made mostly of water and are extremely thin. The Acuvue 2 colored contact lens can be used for people who need vision correction but also for people who simply want to change their look! These lenses are great to be used on a daily basis or for special occasions. Basically the Acuvue color contacts are mostly used by people willing to change from regular contacts to more fun and colorful contact lenses.

Furthermore what is great with Acuvue color contacts is that they offer the possibility to be used with dark and light eyes! What is also nice is that Acuvue on their website allow users to upload a picture of them and try the Acuvue colored contact lens on them! This is really useful when searching for the correct color!

All in all i would highly recommend these acuvue colored contact lenses as they are of high quality are a becoming a strong challenger to freshlook contact lenses.