Freshlook vs Acuvue

Many of you are probably hesitating between purchasing Freshlook color contacts or Acuvue color contacts. I must admit the choice is difficult as both are of top quality! The information i will give is simply to use as help, but you must now that each person and each eye is different so the better thing to do is to test them yourselves!

First of all what you need to know is that Freshlook color contacts seem to be more flashy and "wow effect" where as Acuvue have more natural effect on ones eye. Nevertheless Freshlook color contacts stay very popular and of good quality but are perhaps a bit more for eccentric people.

For those who have green eyes i highly recommend to get Sapphire blue from Acuvue as you will really look gorgeous as they look very natural on ones eye.You can see here on the left a sample of the Sapphire blue color contact from Acuvue! It is really nice and is one of my favourites!