Dark Brown Color Contacts

Acuvue Define Dark BrownYou have light colored eyes such as green or blue and what to purchase colored contacts which will give you dark brown eyes? Well what you must know, is that the amount of color contacts which give you dark brown eyes is unfortunately rather small. Nevertheless we will tell you which ones are available and are the best.

The best available in order to have dark brown eyes are Acuvue Define but thesere are unfortunately exclusive to asian countries. Nevertheless if you search on the net, it should be possible to find them in shops which import them, or directly from asian shops if they offer worldwide delivery. As you can see on the picture on the left they give a very dark brown (close to black) look to your eyes.

Freshlook ColorBlends BrownIf you are unable to find these, then i would recommend buying Freshlook Colorblends in brown. You might say these are not really dark brown, but they are the closest you will get too, and from what i have heard the result is rather good especially for people with green eyes. You can see a picture of them on the left. Hope this will help you.

Acuvue Color Contacts

You probably have already heard of Acuvue, and if you have not, well this article will give you an idea of who they are. Acuvue is one of the leading color contacts brands in the world, if not the leader (rhey are in competition with Freshlook). Being one of the biggest brands in the world, Acuvue has a wide range of products which are suitable for most vision problems.

Acuvue has a wide range of products. They have their leading Acuvue 2 Colours range (also called acuvue 2 colors). These color contacts are extremely thin and comfortable as they are made of water. They have colors for dark eyes or color contact lenses for light eyes. This can be found on their website. You can see on the left a sample of these. I quite like the Sapphire blue and the Jade green...but then all depends on your hair color, skin tan and how you dress. So its up to you!

If you have astigmatism, then you should use their Acuvue Advance range which are in fact toric contact lenses. With these contact lenses, Acuvue uses the latest technologies so that they are the most comfortable possible, and so that they do no pop or fall out of your eye!

All in all, Acuvue is simply a great brand of very high quality offering a large range of products for everyone! A most have!

Want a Free Colored Contacts Trial Pair ?

One question many of you are probably asking yourselves is where you can find a colored contacts trial pair. In fact it is rather easy to have a trial pair, but you will always need to go and see an eye specialist. So where can you get them?

The first solution, if you are lazy, is to gon online on the website of one of the two most well known color contact brands: freshlook and acuvue. On their website if you look around, you will find a "try for free" link. You should click on it, and enter the information required (email, questionnaire, color contact model). Once this is done they will send you (by email most of the time), a certificate for a free trial pair of color contacts, that you should take to your eye care specialist who will then give them to you! Rather simple no?

Another solution to get a colored contacts trial pair is to go directly to your eye doctor's office and ask him for a free trial pair. He will then measure your eyes, in order to give one which is suited to your vision problem and eye size. This is a commercial event, where the doctor as you are his patient gives you some color contact lenses for free in order to try them, and come back and see him!

Color Contact Lenses Astigmatism

If you are reading this article then it is probably because you have the astigmatism vision problem and you are probably wondering which color lenses are adapted for you. In fact it is quite easy as the lenses which correct astigmatism have their own name which is toric color contact lenses.

You may have noticed that there are often different sorts of toric color contacts such as soft toric lenses, but do not worry, if the lense has toric in its name, then it is specialy made for people with astigmatism. In fact the only brand and lense which is for astigmatism and which does not have toric in its name is the Acuvue Advance, which is in fact a toric lens but with another brand custom name.

In this article i wanted to point out something which is specific to toric lenses. Due to the need of your eyes when you have astigmatism, the lenses must not be able to rotate around. The way toric contact lenses are made helps them not to rotate and therefore they do not fall or pop out.

All in all, Iwould recommend using soft toric lenses, as these are the ones which are the most comfortable for your eyes as they are soft. The Acuvue Advance range is good, and many say that they are better than Freshlook's toric lenses. So maybe you should go for them this time!

Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

In my previous articles i have talked about which color contacts were the best for dark eyes. Today i thought i would be more precise and give recommendations for people with brown eyes, as this is the most common eye color in the world. Many of you have probably in the past already tested colored contact lenses for brown eyes and were probably disappointed as the result was not so good. In the past the lenses gave you either a very small change to your eye color or completely changed it making it really unfortunately unnatural!

But now with the developpment of the technology and science, there are some colored contact lenses for brown eyes which give a very nice result, in fact a lot better than in the past! Nevertheless you must consider that creating a lense which could change a brown eye into sky blue and make it look natural is rather difficult, so you cant expect to have something perfect but it will be a lot better than in the past! As i explained in my previous articles, different types of color contacts exist: enhancement and opaque ones. Unfortunately even though enhancement are the best in my opinion they only work well with light eyes and therefore if you have brown eyes enhancement lenses would look almost invisible or would create a very small tint which could clearly not be considered as changing the color of your eye.

Freshlook True SapphireOpaque are those that you need for brown eyes. These lenses are not transparent (only the middle part is so that you can see through it). But dont worry they are not solid color, they give a very nice effect which reflects quite well the human eye color. Nevertheless not all give a natural effect. The best in my opinion is Freshlook ColorBlends by Ciba Vision. They look very realistic as the lenses are in fact a mix of different shades (as for a normal iris). The best looking one if you like blue is the True Sapphire Model. If you prefere Acuvue, i would go for Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque! Hope this will help you! On the left you can see the Freshlook True Sapphire model and below the Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque!

Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque

Party Color Contacts

Yes, it is no longer only film horror actors which can wear excentric color contacts. You can if you desire buy wild and crazy color contacts for your parties such as halloween. The good thing with these types of lenses is that they are really fun, and go perfectly with costumes especially with halloween ones.

Contact lenses for parties and halloween, help you change your true identity and let you become a new person for some fun adventure such as, Halloween, clubbing, or whatever you want. They become with your costume a real gadget to use to disguise yourself. You can see below a sample of such color contacts and the effect they can have on a eye! Awesome!Halloween Color ContactsOne of the main advantages of these types of color contacts, is that they do not all require prescriptions! As they are lenses you will be wearing simply on a particular event, a few times a year, there is no real risk of damaging your eye, so you can use them safely. Simply do not use them the same frequency as normal contact lenses. Most of the time, halloween color contacts are sold with costumes so that you have a complete effect! Have fun!