Free Contact Lenses Samples

Free color contact lenses? Is it possible? Sure, all you have to do is ask. It is probably one of the best-kept secrets among those that have been wearing color contact lenses for a while now. It is the way to try them before committing to a particular color or brand.

There are several ways to go about it: you can ask your neighborhood eyeglasses store if they keep some samples, or you can browse the net. All major manufacturers are offering free contact lenses samples in order to promote their products and get wider buyers’ base. The idea is that, if you are happy with your free contact lens sample, you will come back for more and you will tell your friends about it.

free contact lenses samples

All major contact lenses manufacturers are now offering free samples: Acuvue 2 Colors, Freshlook Colors and Durasoft Colors. Once one started giving free sample lenses, others had to join or be left behind. That is how the market works. A quick search by Google will get you to one of their websites and the source of your first free sample.

But, before searching for a first sample of free contact lenses, you have to visit your eye doctor, or nearby optometrist’s shop and get your eye exam. The law specifies that any health device, and lenses are considered medical devices, has to be prescribed by a medical professional. As your mother has been telling you for years, good yearly eye exam is good idea anyway. The exam will also ensure that the lenses fit well and are comfortable. So, get your prescription and start having real fun: choosing the color. It might be just a color for that one special night, but once you discover the delight of changing your eye color together with your hair color or you outfit, you will be back for more. You can get your free sample color lenses from the same shop where you did your eye exam or you can go back to your web search and try one of the web sites of the major manufacturers. You will have as much fun as with any online shopping, and, as a bonus, you will get your free contact lenses.

Do not forget that, in order to change the color of your dark eyes completely, you need to get opaque color lenses. For those with light eye color, enhancer lenses can make their eye color different, or just of a different shade. So, have fun, impress your friends with your new look and share with them the secret: getting a free contact lenses should not be your secret only.