Wild colored contacts

Go wild with the new wild colored contacts. Why settle for just different color of your eyes, when you can look like a different animal all together! How about jaguar eyes? Or wildcat eyes? Or zebra eyes? The choice is endless. The best selection, and an excellent website to choose from, is Wild Eyes from CIBA Vision. Go check it out and have some fun. Wild eyes color contacts are not looking so outlandish that they cannot be used for fun even on a normal working day. Why not go for the Blackout, the mysterious black lenses sure to make people stare, or the Whiteout zombie look, appropriate for those post-party days when everyone looks a bit like a zombie.

Wild eyes color contacts are opaque, what means that they are suitable for both people with dark and light color eyes. They completely cover the iris, but they might slip when you are blinking or when your pupils are dilating suddenly. No problem, you might look even more wild-eyed.

wild colored contacts

Wild colored contacts might be fun, but they are still medical devices and you should get your eyes checked before deciding which one to purchase. Once you have your prescription, you can buy them from your eyeglasses store, or from one of many internet stores. One thing you should not do: buy them from unreliable store that does not ask for your prescription. If they do not care for your eyes, you should not care for them.

Take care of your eyes, and take care of your wild eyes color contacts. Don’t wear them overnight, or when swimming. Keep them for the special occasions and for the maximum impact.

Unfortunately, wild eyes contacts are not available as free samples, at least not yet. It is not a bad idea to keep looking; one of the manufacturers will surely come up with a special free sample for some special occasion. You might be the lucky one to be the first to get them.