Want a Free Colored Contacts Trial Pair ?

One question many of you are probably asking yourselves is where you can find a colored contacts trial pair. In fact it is rather easy to have a trial pair, but you will always need to go and see an eye specialist. So where can you get them?

The first solution, if you are lazy, is to gon online on the website of one of the two most well known color contact brands: freshlook and acuvue. On their website if you look around, you will find a "try for free" link. You should click on it, and enter the information required (email, questionnaire, color contact model). Once this is done they will send you (by email most of the time), a certificate for a free trial pair of color contacts, that you should take to your eye care specialist who will then give them to you! Rather simple no?

Another solution to get a colored contacts trial pair is to go directly to your eye doctor's office and ask him for a free trial pair. He will then measure your eyes, in order to give one which is suited to your vision problem and eye size. This is a commercial event, where the doctor as you are his patient gives you some color contact lenses for free in order to try them, and come back and see him!