Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

Which Color Contact lenses are most suitable for people with dark eyes? Well it is difficult to say as a particular color contact lense can go well with one person, but not as well with another.... Hair color, skin color also has an influence on whether the contact color is adapted to you.

Overall for dark eyes, there are some colors to prefere, and some to avoid. The ones to avoid are thoses with light blue or green tint as you will not notice any real change compared to your initial tint as the color is to light. This is the same for enhancement color contacts, as these were initially made for people with light colored eyes. Basically all models which are light filtering will not be adapted to people with dark eyes.

If you are looking for color contact lenses that will clearly change the color of your eye then the best are probably the costume or theatrical lenses. Color tint lenses are also very good in order to change drasticaly the color of your eye. The best colors are shades in green, violet or even blue. This color will dramatically change the color of your eyes!

But never forget, other parameters need to be taken into consideration when chosing color contact lenses, such as your skin tan, hair color and clothing style! Good luck in your choice!