Brown Color Contacts

Brown contact lenses are for those who would like to soften up their dark eyes, or change their shade a bit. They are also good for those who are tired of their natural eye color and would like to try to be brown-eyed for a while. Brown contact lenses are especially effective on blond-haired girls and boys, making them instantly much more interesting.

brown color contactsSeveral manufacturers offer brown contact lenses in different shades. Acuvue has 2 Colors Opaque Chesnut Brown, lovely shade of chestnut color that would warm up any eye color. Freshlook Colorblends has a nice brown color contacts with a lovely natural hue. Freshlook also has Radiance Autumn color, brown contact lenses particularly suited for people with naturally brown eyes, making them warm and – what else – radiant.

Blue Color Contacts

Blue contact lenses are all the rage in the countries where girls and boys, by the law of genetics, all have brown eyes. Everyone is dreaming of looking like Marilyn Monroe or Cameron Diaz, blinking their baby blue, sapphire, azure or sea-blue eyes at their admirers. Let’s be honest, there is something special about girls, and boys, with dark hair and baby blue eyes. Just look at Liv Tyler, or Madonna, on those days when her color is actually dark.

blue colored contactsBlue contact lenses will make your dark eyes blue only if you chose the opaque contact lenses. If you are lucky to be naturally blue-eyed, and would like to make them sparkle brighter or lighter, you can choose the enhancer contact lenses.

Free Trial Color Contacts

Free trial contact lenses are the answer to your prayers if you would like to try them, but are not ready to dish out $35 without being sure that they are what you want. The color contact lenses are becoming a fashion accessory and no self-respecting fashionista like you should be without a few colors to match your wardrobe. How to get a pair of free trial contact lenses is quite a trick and well-kept secret among those who know how to shop.

The right place to start in searching for a free trial color contacts is your nearby eyeglass store. Look for a sympathetic shopkeeper and explain to him or her your concerns: you would like to try a pair of free trial color contacts, but you are not sure if they are the right thing for you and that your eyes would be able to accustom to them. You are not doing anything dishonest. Just like doctors get free samples of medicines from the pharmaceutical companies, the eyeglass stores get their free samples of the trial color contacts for prospective customers like you. You can also try online stores, which also offer free trial color contact lenses.

The best way to go is to try few different colors to see which one fits best and which goes best with our makeup or wardrobe. If you are really nice, the kind shopkeeper at your neighborhood eyeglass store might let you have more than one color of the free samples of color contact lenses.

Violet Color Contacts

Violet color contacts are special because they will make you stand out wherever you go. Violet eyes are naturally very rare. Elizabeth Taylor made them famous and desirable in numerous movies in which she seduced famous screen heroes with her magnificent violet eyes. All you need to do if you want to be Elizabeth-lookalike is to buy a pair of violet color contacts. Of course, if your eyes are naturally dark, in order to change their color completely, you have to make sure that your lenses are opaque. However, if your eyes are naturally light, using violet contacts would make all sorts of interesting effects, depending on if your eyes are green, blue or grey.

violet color contacts
One of the best options in the market is Freshlook Colorblends, which would make all eyes shine with a subtle violet tone. Their secret is in blending three different colors in order to make the natural shade of violet. These violet color contacts can be worn with fake eyelashes in order to improve your look.

Grey color contacts

Grey color contacts are for those special dates when one wants to look dangerous and mysterious. With some silky, shiny dress and a pair of silver earrings, the effect would be quite startling. If your eyes are naturally dark, you have to make sure to choose opaque lenses, which would completely change their color. If, on the other hand, you are lucky to already have exotic grey eyes or your eyes are of light color, you can chose the enhancer lenses to make your eyes darker, or of different shade of grey.

grey color contacts
There are several manufacturers of color lenses that produce lovely grey contact lenses. It is very important to make sure that you chose the kind of lenses that you are comfortable with. When buying grey color contacts, you might want to try Bausch and Lomb lenses in platinum, a nice cool color with dark limbal ring, which is the ring on the outside of the iris. You can also go for a Freshlook Color Blends in grey, which is not as dramatic, but it makes quite an effect when your pupils get enlarged and your natural color comes through.

Green color contacts

Green contact lenses have a lot to answer for: so many girls are walking the streets with wonderful, mesmerizing, mermaid green eyes. Irish, all of them, or born with green eyes? Not really. It is all the fault of green color lenses and their fantastic popularity. Some people just cannot live without color contacts to match their wardrobe.

Green color contacts come in two versions: opaque, for those whose natural eyes are dark, and enhancers, for those who are born with light-color eyes and only need to make them brighter and shinier.

green color contacts
Although green color contacts are so much in fashion, they are not for everyone. Your skin or hair color could make green eyes look out of place. Of course, it is not the reason not to treat yourself with a pair of green contacts. All you have to do is visit your hairdresser and change the color of your hair. The new makeup would be a good idea too.

Cosmetic Colored Contacts

Cosmetic colored contact lenses are becoming more sophisticated every day. They are becoming quite a fashion accessory and there are many different kinds on the market. But, they all fall into two basic categories: opaque color tints and enhancement tints.

How to decide which one to use is easy: if your eyes are dark, in order to change their color dramatically, you need to use the opaque color tints. With opaque cosmetic colored contact lenses, you can make your eyes become hazel, gray, amethyst, violet blue and green. You can also go crazy and use one of the special effect or theatrical contact lenses, such as ‘Marilyn Manson spiral’, alien, jaguar or pupil-less.

If, on the other hand, you already have beautiful blue, green or amethyst-colored eyes, you can enhance them with the cosmetic colored contact lenses with – what else - enhancement tint lenses.

cosmetic color contacts
The pleasure of changing or enhancing the color of your eyes with one of the cosmetic colored contact lenses will cost you between $15 and $30. Not bad at all if you want to impress your friends at the next party, or pretend to be someone else when you meet your ex.

Halloween Color Contacts

Halloween is coming! Vampires are cool as usual! They are all over the place: TV, toy shops, bookstores. Who would not like to be one, just for one, very special, night? We are talking about Halloween, of course. No blood sucking involved. The latest product that is hitting the market are special Halloween color contact lenses that make your eyes look so scary, even real vampires would be impressed. Why not be the first one with real vampire or werewolf eyes and be the hit of the Halloween party!

There are two leading companies promoting and selling this cool novelty Halloween item: Cooper Vision, which makes Crazy lenses, and Ciba Vision, the creator of Wild Eyes. Both companies are highly respected and well-known manufacturers of normal prescription lenses, which means that they guarantee the safety and quality of the Halloween color contacts and your eyes will not pay the price of one night of fun. Some of their other products are color contacts and theatrical lenses of all kinds.

halloween color contacts
The ‘scary ’Halloween color contacts will go to the market with the retail price between $50 and $80, not bad at all considering what one might expect from such a new and specialized product with a limited and temporary market. Of course, just like with normal lenses, if you wish, you can spend much more for something truly special.

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses

Focus Dailies are disposable contact lenses that can be used for one day. Focus dailies are contact lenses which are suitable for people who have myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism or presbyopia.

Different types of Focus dailies lenses exist:

- Focus dailies Toric which allow you to correct both astigmatism with myopia or hyperopia with astigmatism
- Focus dailies Progressives which correct both myopia with presbyopia, or presbyopia with hyperopia.

Meanwhile, it is not possible to correct astigmatism and presbyopia together with Focus Dailies contact lenses.

Focus Dailies are contact lenses which are very easy to use, they fit well on your eyes and you will not feel uncomfortable using them even on the first try.

Focus dailies are sold in pack of 30 or 90 lenses. The most popular packs being Focus dailies 90 and Focus dailies all day comfort or aqua comfort.