Focus Dailies Contact Lenses

Focus Dailies are disposable contact lenses that can be used for one day. Focus dailies are contact lenses which are suitable for people who have myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism or presbyopia.

Different types of Focus dailies lenses exist:

- Focus dailies Toric which allow you to correct both astigmatism with myopia or hyperopia with astigmatism
- Focus dailies Progressives which correct both myopia with presbyopia, or presbyopia with hyperopia.

Meanwhile, it is not possible to correct astigmatism and presbyopia together with Focus Dailies contact lenses.

Focus Dailies are contact lenses which are very easy to use, they fit well on your eyes and you will not feel uncomfortable using them even on the first try.

Focus dailies are sold in pack of 30 or 90 lenses. The most popular packs being Focus dailies 90 and Focus dailies all day comfort or aqua comfort.