Why choose colored contact lenses ?

Color contact lenses are becoming a normal fashion accessory. Changing the color of your eyes is even easier than changing the color of hair, and as much fun. Blue eyes, green eyes, violet, grey, hazel, color contact lenses of all colors of the rainbow are now available to enhance what the nature provided. There are many reasons you might want to change the color of your eyes: to start the new life, to impress a girl or a boy, to hide from someone, to reinvent yourself, or just to follow a mood. The fashion also has its whims and there are years when it is absolute must to be blue-eyed, and others when everyone has to have brown eyes. Color contact lenses are here to satisfy the whim, or need, and they are now becoming very wearable and comfortable.

Problems with sight, astigmatism, strabismus or any other eye problem is not any more reason for someone not to be able to change the eye color. Any prescription lens can be ordered in different color. All you need to do is ask the doctor when he is writing a prescription to specify the color. Any good optometrist keeps a stock of samples of colored contact lenses for prospective customers to try, so ask for a sample to make sure you will be comfortable wearing them.

Color contact lenses come in several versions, just like any other lenses: some are disposable and others can be used for almost three months. The decision which one to use depends mostly on how long one plans to wear them, so for people who have corrective eye lenses, it is prudent to have color contacts that last longer.