Eye Laser Surgery

Recently eye laser surgery has become a more and more popular alternative to glasses and contact lenses in order to correct eye sight problems. This method uses a laser on the cornea which is the structure that covers the colored part of your eye.

Famous people such as Elton John are planning to use laser surgery to treat their sight problems. Being closely related to eye sight and therefore to contact lenses, i clearly recomment you to give eye laser surgery a try if your vision has stabalized.

Buy Contact lenses

One of the main issues with contact lenses is to chose how to buy them and where? Is it safe buying them online? Well the answer is yes but it requires to be careful! Here are a few tips to help you find contact lenses.

If you are not an internet addict, do not know contact lens brands then please do not buy online otherwise you will surely fall on cheap bad quality contact lenses. If you are concerned with this i would recommend going to see a real optician.

For those aware of contact brands and who are familiar with purchasing online here are a few tips. I would recommend to buy contact lenses on Freshlook as this is a well known online brand. You will find everything on Freshlook such as soflens, high quality lenses, cheap contact lenses, colorblends or even disposable contact lens. My favourity lenses tend to be blue contacts made of opaque solid material. What is also nice with Freshlook is that you can also find crazy contacts which have all sort of colors! You will really find what you need and the price you want! So go for it!

Different styles of color contact lenses

There are many different styles of color contact lenses. All depends on the goal you have. You may want to brighten your eyes, change their color, enhance their color or simply protect your eyes from sun damage.

If your intention is to brighten your eyes then i would recommend using Pearlescent Contact Lenses as they are very popular for people willing to brighten their eye color. These lenses add sparkle and luminous quality to your eye color. Example of brands are Freshlook Radiance from CibaVision or Sparkles Gold from Marietta Vision.

For those willing to completly change their eye color please search for "opaque" colored contact lenses. These lenses are made up of solid material and not with translucent colors like for many other contact lenses. These are the only contact lenses which will enable people with dark eyes to change the color of their eyes. If you have lighter colored eyes you will have more options.

In order to enhance the color of your eye we recommend to use translucent color contacts for people who have light colored eyes as they leave your original eye color to pass throught. I would not recommend these sorts of lenses for people with dark eyes!

A new type of color contacts existe now. It is no longer to change your look, but to protect yourself against sun! They protect you against harmful UV rays. These are like sunglasses but in contact lenses. You can find cool color contacts which protect you against light damage but which are also adapted to your eye if you practice sport. These are generally very confortable to wear. An example could be the Nike MaxSight Color contact lenses developed by Bausch & Lomb.

Color Contacts and Technology

Color contacts are evolving very quickly due to progress in technology! Thanks to scientific progress color contacts allow now more air to pass and reach eye which prevents blood clots due to restrictive oxygen. Color contacts do not only correct your bifocal vision, astigmatism! They are also becoming ways to change your look and are more and more comfortable thanks to technology progress.

People do no longer use color contacts only for vision issues but simply to change their look. The real name for Colour contact lenses is Plano lenses. Recently the demand for color contact lenses has increased due to publicity in magazines and especially fashion magazines. Thanks to technology color contacts are becoming real fashion tools. Famous people and actors are also using regularly color contacts for their look, which has an influence on the development of this industry which is actually booming!

Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

Which Color Contact lenses are most suitable for people with dark eyes? Well it is difficult to say as a particular color contact lense can go well with one person, but not as well with another.... Hair color, skin color also has an influence on whether the contact color is adapted to you.

Overall for dark eyes, there are some colors to prefere, and some to avoid. The ones to avoid are thoses with light blue or green tint as you will not notice any real change compared to your initial tint as the color is to light. This is the same for enhancement color contacts, as these were initially made for people with light colored eyes. Basically all models which are light filtering will not be adapted to people with dark eyes.

If you are looking for color contact lenses that will clearly change the color of your eye then the best are probably the costume or theatrical lenses. Color tint lenses are also very good in order to change drasticaly the color of your eye. The best colors are shades in green, violet or even blue. This color will dramatically change the color of your eyes!

But never forget, other parameters need to be taken into consideration when chosing color contact lenses, such as your skin tan, hair color and clothing style! Good luck in your choice!

Color Contacts without Prescriptions ?

Many people are willing to buy color contact lenses without any medical prescription. Even though it is possible to find online color contacts that can be bought without any prescription it is highly disadvised to purchase these online.

First all, because color contacts made by Optometrists or Ophthalmologists need to fit your eye in terms of size and visual correction. Buying color contacts without a prescription could result in having comfort problems when using contact lenses. When using color contacts that are too big in size in regards to your eye, infections can occur and it is therefore dangerous to take the risk of using such color contacts. With a bad visual correction, head aches and other small problems may occur.

The second reason why you should not buy online color contacts without a prescription is that websites & merchants proposing this are surely not serious organizations. Delivery issues, fraud as well as delivery of low quality products may occur.

All in all, i do not recommend buying color contacts online without any prescription as it is taking a risk for buying low quality products, for having health issues and for having fraud problems. Always prefere serious companies that are well known in your country!

Which color contacts for dark eyes?

Today we will be having a look at which are the best color contacts lenses for dark eyes. The color contacts you should use with dark eyes really depends on the style you are looking for. Are you searching to change drastically your appearance or simply do a slight modification that could enhance your look?

Most people with dark eyes, especially asian girls seem to prefere hazel or grey color contact lenses as they enable your eyes to stand out especially in bright light. Some good alternatives are greyish-blue color contact lenses or brownish color contact lenses.

Other possibilites exist, but tend to change radically your look. This is for people willing to do a strong changes to their look. Nevertheless the feedbacks about the use of these color contact lenses on people are rather negative, as it changes totally your look and your friends are used to seeing you with your dark eyes, so the change might be too brutal. Nevertheless in some cases this change can be a splendid success. Best colors for drastic look change are, green or yellow (gold orangy yellow) especially if you have brown or black hair.

Meanwhile please take into consideration that these are only facts and that each person is different, and that therefore a color contact lense might fit on one person but not on the other. So do not hesitate testing various colors and getting feedbacks!

Types of Color Contacts

Four types of color contact lenses exist. Many of these color contact lenses are available without eye visual correction but they also exist for people who have astigmatism, or people who need bifocal correction or want lenses that can be replaced frequently. The four different types of color contact lenses that exist are: visibility tints, opaque color tints, enhancement tints and light-filtering tints. So what are the differences between these four types of color contacts?

Visibility tints: they are usually color contacts with a light blue or green tint added to them. This is so that you will be bale to see them more easily when you put them, drop them or remove them. The color tint is so light that it does not affect really your eye color.

Enhancement tints: they are solid tint color contacts and are slightly more darker than visibility tint color contacts. The main difference is that they do affect your eye color. As you may have understood from the name of these color contacts, they are meant to enhance the existing color of your eyes. In general these types of color contacts are more suitable for people with light colored eyes. These types of color contacts tints are most suitable for people with light colored eyes and who want to make the color of their eyes more intense.

Color tints: they are opaque tints color contacts and can totally change the color of your eye. In most cases they are made patterns of solid colors. If you have dark eyes, you'll need this type of color contact lenses to change the color of your eye.

Light-filtering tints: these color contacts are a the newest available.They are designed for sports use. This is because they enhance certain colors and mute certain other colors. For example when playing tennis it will enhance yellow so that you see more easily the ball. These color contact lenses are not only for people who practice sport, but also for spectators!

Are Color Contacts Safe ?

Is it safe to use color contacts?

Everyone knows color contacts are really fun as you can choose the color you want and you can therefore have a new fresh look! This aspect is especially attractive for girls as they are always willing to be good looking and are willing to be attractive towards men. Nevertheless you must not forget that when using color contacts you are using a product with a sensitive organ which is your eyes. So there is always a risk of getting an infection with your eyes even though the percentage of people who do get one is very low. If you are a person who is not willing to take care when using color contact lenses then i would not recommend to use them.

A few recommendations when using color contacts!
When using color contacts with your eyes you should respect basic hygiene rules such as those that can be found below:
- Do not use color contacts with dirty hands or you might catch an infection with your eye.
- Use a solution to keep your color contact lenses clean. This will also help you putting them on more easily.
- If you feel irritated by your color contact lenses, then either change brand and model, or simplu go and see a specialist that will give you some drops because your eyes might be too dry.
- Color contact lenses are personal. Do not lend them to friends or you might catch serious infections!

Where to test Color Contacts?

There are many websites online with color contact lenses to buy. Nevertheless it is difficult to choose which color contact to buy within the large range of types available. Some color contacts are more adapted to some eyes than for others. It is very easy to get lost within the amount of choice available.

In order to help you in your color contact choice we recommend you visiting Freshlook contacts website. Their flash website is really outstanding. You are able to test their wide range of color contacts on various models in order to have a better overview of the one you might be willing to purchase! The models are black, blond, brown and ginger. This is great as in a certain way it allows you to find out which color contact is more suitable for you taking into consideration your hair, skin color!

Furthermore, Freshlook also allows you to choose the color you want. They have various categories of color contacts such as colorblends, radiance or one day color contacts. It is really impressive, and you can clearly have an idea of the type and color of color contacts you want.

The best feature of their website is their advice system. You simply have to indicate to their website, your hair color, skin color, what you are expecting from these contacts and they will give you a list of color contact lenses that are adapted to you and your request! Isn't this great?

I have just one advice to give you, go and visit their website! Freshlook

Freshlook Color Contacts

I thought i would show you some examples of color contacts that can be purchased online. As you can see on the right, the lenses come from the ColorBlends range from Freshlook.
With these color contact lenses you can clearly change the color of your eye. The ranges of color contacts available is huge. From simple colors such as green to True Sapphire you will definitely find what you want.

You may ask me where can i buy these? Well it is easy, you can find them online on many websites. Simply click on one of the color contact distributors below or on the links on the left side.

Colored Contact lenses

Colored Contact lenses are a great way to change your look. Color contacts are now part of fashion world! With color contacts you can now either completely change the color of your eyes, or simply enhance its actual color. With colors lenses you can simply change your look, and the way people percieve you. You can even get bright color contacts that will work on dark eyes !

Color contacts are today so used that contact packs exist. Within these packs you get contact cases, solutions and all of this at exceptional prices! It is now possible to purchase color contact lenses without any prescription! Isnt this great?