Which color contacts for dark eyes?

Today we will be having a look at which are the best color contacts lenses for dark eyes. The color contacts you should use with dark eyes really depends on the style you are looking for. Are you searching to change drastically your appearance or simply do a slight modification that could enhance your look?

Most people with dark eyes, especially asian girls seem to prefere hazel or grey color contact lenses as they enable your eyes to stand out especially in bright light. Some good alternatives are greyish-blue color contact lenses or brownish color contact lenses.

Other possibilites exist, but tend to change radically your look. This is for people willing to do a strong changes to their look. Nevertheless the feedbacks about the use of these color contact lenses on people are rather negative, as it changes totally your look and your friends are used to seeing you with your dark eyes, so the change might be too brutal. Nevertheless in some cases this change can be a splendid success. Best colors for drastic look change are, green or yellow (gold orangy yellow) especially if you have brown or black hair.

Meanwhile please take into consideration that these are only facts and that each person is different, and that therefore a color contact lense might fit on one person but not on the other. So do not hesitate testing various colors and getting feedbacks!