Eye Laser Surgery

Recently eye laser surgery has become a more and more popular alternative to glasses and contact lenses in order to correct eye sight problems. This method uses a laser on the cornea which is the structure that covers the colored part of your eye.

Famous people such as Elton John are planning to use laser surgery to treat their sight problems. Being closely related to eye sight and therefore to contact lenses, i clearly recomment you to give eye laser surgery a try if your vision has stabalized.

Buy Contact lenses

One of the main issues with contact lenses is to chose how to buy them and where? Is it safe buying them online? Well the answer is yes but it requires to be careful! Here are a few tips to help you find contact lenses.

If you are not an internet addict, do not know contact lens brands then please do not buy online otherwise you will surely fall on cheap bad quality contact lenses. If you are concerned with this i would recommend going to see a real optician.

For those aware of contact brands and who are familiar with purchasing online here are a few tips. I would recommend to buy contact lenses on Freshlook as this is a well known online brand. You will find everything on Freshlook such as soflens, high quality lenses, cheap contact lenses, colorblends or even disposable contact lens. My favourity lenses tend to be blue contacts made of opaque solid material. What is also nice with Freshlook is that you can also find crazy contacts which have all sort of colors! You will really find what you need and the price you want! So go for it!

Different styles of color contact lenses

There are many different styles of color contact lenses. All depends on the goal you have. You may want to brighten your eyes, change their color, enhance their color or simply protect your eyes from sun damage.

If your intention is to brighten your eyes then i would recommend using Pearlescent Contact Lenses as they are very popular for people willing to brighten their eye color. These lenses add sparkle and luminous quality to your eye color. Example of brands are Freshlook Radiance from CibaVision or Sparkles Gold from Marietta Vision.

For those willing to completly change their eye color please search for "opaque" colored contact lenses. These lenses are made up of solid material and not with translucent colors like for many other contact lenses. These are the only contact lenses which will enable people with dark eyes to change the color of their eyes. If you have lighter colored eyes you will have more options.

In order to enhance the color of your eye we recommend to use translucent color contacts for people who have light colored eyes as they leave your original eye color to pass throught. I would not recommend these sorts of lenses for people with dark eyes!

A new type of color contacts existe now. It is no longer to change your look, but to protect yourself against sun! They protect you against harmful UV rays. These are like sunglasses but in contact lenses. You can find cool color contacts which protect you against light damage but which are also adapted to your eye if you practice sport. These are generally very confortable to wear. An example could be the Nike MaxSight Color contact lenses developed by Bausch & Lomb.