Halloween Color Contacts

Halloween is coming! Vampires are cool as usual! They are all over the place: TV, toy shops, bookstores. Who would not like to be one, just for one, very special, night? We are talking about Halloween, of course. No blood sucking involved. The latest product that is hitting the market are special Halloween color contact lenses that make your eyes look so scary, even real vampires would be impressed. Why not be the first one with real vampire or werewolf eyes and be the hit of the Halloween party!

There are two leading companies promoting and selling this cool novelty Halloween item: Cooper Vision, which makes Crazy lenses, and Ciba Vision, the creator of Wild Eyes. Both companies are highly respected and well-known manufacturers of normal prescription lenses, which means that they guarantee the safety and quality of the Halloween color contacts and your eyes will not pay the price of one night of fun. Some of their other products are color contacts and theatrical lenses of all kinds.

halloween color contacts
The ‘scary ’Halloween color contacts will go to the market with the retail price between $50 and $80, not bad at all considering what one might expect from such a new and specialized product with a limited and temporary market. Of course, just like with normal lenses, if you wish, you can spend much more for something truly special.