Color Contacts without Prescriptions ?

Many people are willing to buy color contact lenses without any medical prescription. Even though it is possible to find online color contacts that can be bought without any prescription it is highly disadvised to purchase these online.

First all, because color contacts made by Optometrists or Ophthalmologists need to fit your eye in terms of size and visual correction. Buying color contacts without a prescription could result in having comfort problems when using contact lenses. When using color contacts that are too big in size in regards to your eye, infections can occur and it is therefore dangerous to take the risk of using such color contacts. With a bad visual correction, head aches and other small problems may occur.

The second reason why you should not buy online color contacts without a prescription is that websites & merchants proposing this are surely not serious organizations. Delivery issues, fraud as well as delivery of low quality products may occur.

All in all, i do not recommend buying color contacts online without any prescription as it is taking a risk for buying low quality products, for having health issues and for having fraud problems. Always prefere serious companies that are well known in your country!