Green color contacts

Green contact lenses have a lot to answer for: so many girls are walking the streets with wonderful, mesmerizing, mermaid green eyes. Irish, all of them, or born with green eyes? Not really. It is all the fault of green color lenses and their fantastic popularity. Some people just cannot live without color contacts to match their wardrobe.

Green color contacts come in two versions: opaque, for those whose natural eyes are dark, and enhancers, for those who are born with light-color eyes and only need to make them brighter and shinier.

green color contacts
Although green color contacts are so much in fashion, they are not for everyone. Your skin or hair color could make green eyes look out of place. Of course, it is not the reason not to treat yourself with a pair of green contacts. All you have to do is visit your hairdresser and change the color of your hair. The new makeup would be a good idea too.