Dark Brown Color Contacts

Acuvue Define Dark BrownYou have light colored eyes such as green or blue and what to purchase colored contacts which will give you dark brown eyes? Well what you must know, is that the amount of color contacts which give you dark brown eyes is unfortunately rather small. Nevertheless we will tell you which ones are available and are the best.

The best available in order to have dark brown eyes are Acuvue Define but thesere are unfortunately exclusive to asian countries. Nevertheless if you search on the net, it should be possible to find them in shops which import them, or directly from asian shops if they offer worldwide delivery. As you can see on the picture on the left they give a very dark brown (close to black) look to your eyes.

Freshlook ColorBlends BrownIf you are unable to find these, then i would recommend buying Freshlook Colorblends in brown. You might say these are not really dark brown, but they are the closest you will get too, and from what i have heard the result is rather good especially for people with green eyes. You can see a picture of them on the left. Hope this will help you.