Freshlook Colorblends Review

Freshlook Colorblends HoneyIf you are searching for color contacts which will give you the most natural eye color, then Freshlook Colorblends are definitely what you need. Freshlook Colorblends uses Freshlook's advanced color technology which blends 3 colors on a single lens giving an excellent natural color effect. In order to give the most realistic look possible, every color contact of this range has hazel around the pupil and a charcoal outerline.

So the good part with these lenses is that the look they give is really top. They have a wide range of colors available, blue, green, honey, gray, hazel, turquoise, brown and many others including the new True Sapphire which gives a really nice effect.

So overall, from my own experience and what i have read, these color contacts are really top as they are synonym of quality, comfort and top natural color effect. Nevertheless some people have complained that when using them for long periods, your eye becomes quickly dry which is annoying. In that case simply rewet them and it will be fine. In my opinion they are probably the best available if you want to have a natural color effect!