Non Prescription Colored Contacts

A lot of people are searching where to buy non prescription colored contacts. So you are probably expecting me to give you a list of website where you can buy them? Well even though this is sometimes possible online, i do not recommend this practice at all!

In fact if you want to buy colored contacts without a prescription well you will in the end need a prescription! This is due to the fact that contact lenses (included colored ones) have more than simply corrective charasteristics. Each eye is different, therefore you need to know the base curve size of your eye and which lense diameter is suitable for your eye! And guess who can tell you this? A specialist, who will give you a prescription!

It occurs that some people buy color lenses online without any prescriptions. This is clearly a bad idea. You should read articles and posts from people having had eye problems due to contact lenses that were not suited to them .... Clearly if you use regularly lenses which are not suited to your eye well you can severely damage it and this for your whole life, even for thos who have never had any vision problems before! If i were you i would not buy non prescription color contacts at all! If you dont have a prescription you can go to Walmart, who have eye specialists who will measure your eye and give you an adapted pack of contact lenses!