What are Disposable Color Contacts worth?

In the past color contacts were unbelievable expensive, but this has now changed. The price of them has gone down due to a drop in manufacturing costs. A wide range of disposable color contacts can be found. You can find daily, weekly and monthly lenses. You are probably asking yourselves what are the differences between traditional ones and disposable ones?

Disposable color contact lenses are rather recent in terms of their development and that is why they are becoming more and more popular. Knowing whether lenses are traditional or disposable is not always easy. In order to differentiate them, it is simple, you should simply look at the package in which they are sold. If they are sold in a box then generally they are disposable lenses. On the other hand if they are in a phial and have a per unit price, then they are traditional.

We will now have a look at the advantages of disposal color contacts and why you should buy them. First of all, from a health point of view, they are better for your eyes as they are more comfortable because they are thinner but also because proteins don’t develop as much as with traditional ones. When you use them, you should change them regularly as this is better for the health of your eye. What is good is that they are used on short periods, so if you loose one, well no problem you just buy some new ones.

The main difference between them is that traditional ones are often hand painted such as Illusions by CibaVision. Hand painted color contacts create a more natural look than those that use the digital printing method. The reasons why disposable color contacts are not hand painted is that it is expensive to manufacture but also that it takes a lot of time to do for lenses that are changed on a daily/weekly or monthly basis!