Color Contacts for Light Eyes

In some of my previous articles i talked about what color contacts were suited for dark eyes! Well this time lets see which ones are suited for light eyes! So if you have light colored eyes it is recommended to use either opaque or enhancer color contact lenses. If you simply want to change your colour then use opaque ones, but on the other hand if you want something a bit more unpredictable then use enhancer ones.

The ones i would especially recommend for light eyes are the Freshlook Dimensions (as can be seen on picture below) which are monthly disposable ones as they add depth to your eyes and make them look larger and prettier.

Freshlook DimensionsOn the other hand if you want to have more sparkling eyes i would recommend Freshlook Radiance or Acuvue 2 Enhances contacts which give a striking bright and sparkling effect to your eyes. The Acuvue (as can be seen below) will give you a more intense effect than the Freshlook one, so you need to see what you prefere!

Acuvue 2 EnhancesAlso be careful when using enhancement color contacts, as depending on the color of your eye it can in some cases make them look even darker. With enhancement ones you need to test and make sure they suit correctly your eyes and the look you want!